What are Binaural Beats?

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Woman on sofa listening to binaural beats and meditating

During one particularly stressful period of my life, I had a hard time concentrating, and there was nothing that could help me relax. A friend of mine invited me to quite an interesting gathering, where we were supposed to listen to some beats.

It was a life-changing experience, as the thing we listened offered me an entirely new perspective.

Do you know what are binaural beats?

Allow me to introduce you to this mighty healing medium!

What do binaural beats do?

We are all aware that music has immense powers, but a carefully chosen one might change your life significantly.

Binaural beats represent one form of sound wave therapy. The term “binaural” here represents something that refers to both ears.

During this type of treatment, when a person listens to these sounds, left and right ears receive tones of different frequencies but hear them as a single one. When in this specific state, our brain may boost its performance and improve our overall performance.

What happens with our brains when we listen to these beats?

This therapy might help us achieve a higher level of meditative state, and activate some “sleepy” parts of our brain to improve its functioning.

Of course, such an approach makes sense only if you truly believe that therapies like this can be helpful. Among other things which could increase the chances for the treatment to succeed are good night’s sleep, and our strong determination that this might work.

The whole point of this and any similar approaches is to help is change the state of our brain, which will, as a result, make us more productive and more focused.

How do binaural beats work?

So, now you have the definition of what this means, but let me try to explain to you using a practical example of how this technique functions. Just to make one thing clear, this therapy requires headphones otherwise you won’t be able to experience the fullest scope binaural beats can provide.

So, during the therapy, both ears listen to a slightly different frequency. For example, the left one listens to 300Hz, while the right ear listens to 280Hz. It’s the very same tone, but it differs a little bit in terms of frequency.

What happens is that your brain will process and absorb a 10Hz tone. Normally we cannot hear such a low soundwave, buy it doesn’t mean that our brain is not capable of processing it. That’s precisely where those “new doors and dimensions” are opened, as you motivate your brain to work harder, better, to use more capacity.

DJ Taz Rashid’s Method

Once you start exploring, you will see that numerous channels offer this type of therapy. The one I’ve found to be particularly interesting is DJ Taz Rashid’s.

What differs his approach from many others is that it is well-organized. By targeting and stimulating one specific area of our brain, it results in improved performance. Moreover, it’s very creative, as he divided it into five elements in nature.

There are five videos, each around 20 minutes, bearing the special name of one element. They all aim to connect the brain with one of them, and it looks like this:

  • Water aims to relax
  • Earth should make us feel more grounded
  • Connection with Air should make us feel rejuvenated
  • Fire helps us focus and create
  • By connecting with Ether we are supposed to achieve stillness

Numerous Benefits of Binaural Beats

Each one of us reacts differently to any situation, medicaments, therapy, experience, so giving some universal definition that can be applied to all people globe-wide is impossible. However, what I can do is list some of the advantages a majority of people using binaural beats have noticed.

  • A lower level of stress
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased focus
  • Improved concentration
  • A higher level of motivation
  • More self-confidence
  • Enhanced long-term memory
  • Better psychomotor performance
  • Balanced mood

In addition to this, the majority of people noticed that their ability to enter the stage of deeper meditation has significantly improved.

Even though it may seem insignificant, but this minuscular difference between frequencies plays a crucial role in activating our brain and motivating it to deliver more.

In addition to this, numerous medical studies have been conducted in this field. There are beliefs that the application of theta therapy can have a positive impact on curing behavioral and cognitive disorders.

Researches were also done exploring the effects of auditory beat stimulation and on cognition and mood states. Besides, scientists did a deeper analysis of the effects of a 3-Hz binaural beat on sleep phases while a person is asleep.

Best Time and Place to Listen to These Beats

Wherever you happen to be, regardless of the time- listening to binaural beats knows no limits. As their purpose is to make us feel better/more relaxed/ less stressed-out/ (you continue), you can listen to them at any time and any place.

The only requirement that goes with them is the headphones. Due to the specific nature of this therapy, it is necessary to have them to be able to experience a full spectrum of benefits.

It doesn’t matter which model, that’s good to know.

The Ideal Setting

However, if you want my personal opinion on the best setting for this therapy, I would suggest some peaceful surroundings. For example, you could clean the room from any chaos and clutter, put everything on its place so to create a calming environment.

Don’t let anything irritate or distract you, and a messy room can do that.

Also, try your best to eliminate all the unwanted sounds and latent noise. If those interfere with your binaural beats, there will be no effect, or it will be significantly reduced.

To get the maximum this method can give, it is advisable to listen to 15-30 minutes of these beats in the duration of 30 to 45 days. That’s an optimal period for one to notice some significant difference. Also, bear in mind that our brain needs approximately seven minutes to synchronize with the given audio stimulus, so don’t shorten the session.

Are Binaural Beats Safe for Everyone?

Knowing that there are so many positive sides to this therapy, what comes as a natural question is could you apply it to all human beings of this world. After all, stress is something that bothers all of us, and a bit improved focus and concentration wouldn’t hurt anyone, would it?

Unfortunately, the answer is negative as some specific conditions and groups of individuals wouldn’t react well if exposed to this therapy frequently. It’s not like it would kill them but it could cause the opposite effect than the desired one.

The list includes the following groups:

  • People with a history of heart problems
  • Individuals with personality disorders
  • Those with seizures
  • Pregnant women and children

Moreover, it’s not advisable to apply this therapy when one is either driving or operating heavy machinery.

As you can see, each of these categories is a sensitive one in some respect, so when exposed to binaural beats repetitively, it could provoke a negative effect.

Where do Meditation, Yoga, Affirmations, and Visualization Fit in?

Knowing that meditation is an excellent practice of clearing the mind from all negativities, and the fastest way to connect with the inner self, it’s more than obvious why it’s a perfect match with meditation. By exercising them at the same time, you might get the chance to go to higher stages of mental elevation and recuperation.

You can also practice it together with yoga, as it may help you create a balance between mental and physical aspects of yourself. There’s no limitation when it comes to the most suitable pose for listening to these beats, it’s all a matter of personal preference.

Even if you are not familiar with some specific pose yet, never mind, simply sit or lie down on the bed or floor, whatever you wish, and the therapy may begin.

Visualization can also trigger more benefits when you combine it with beats, as you feel calmer when your mind is occupied with some “pictures” that make you happy and satisfied.

If you are more of a verbal type of person, then positive affirmations could be a more suitable choice for you. Of course, you shouldn’t pronounce them out loud, as the sound of your voice could interfere with the beats. Instead, repeat them in your mind.

Again, you can come up with some sentences of your own, some thoughts that make you feel better or look for some ideas.

As you can see, binaural beats can be a very powerful weapon if you use them properly. Of course, do keep in mind that it’s not a medication so it doesn’t have an immediate effect.

Patience is the key, for many things in life, including this method. Also, if you belong to some of the sensitive categories, the best would be to consult a doctor before you begin this type of treatment.

I truly hope you enjoyed my guide, and don’t hesitate to use it as a reminder whenever you feel the need to do so.


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