The Spiritual Meaning of a Blue Jay

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Blue jays are songbirds with beautiful crests of blue, white, and black plumage.  They are highly adaptable and very intelligent. Fairly social, blue jays are popular for their noisy presence and excellent imitations of hawk calls. 

The universe puts signs and symbols in our path. For those of us who believe that they carry a message for us, we will be able to see them for what they are when they appear. 

The same goes for blue jays. It might happen that you see an actual blue jay, find a feather, dream of one, visualize a blue jay during a meditation, or feel it through your intuition. Irrespective of the way in which a blue jay makes an appearance in your life, what it could actually be is a message that wants to get delivered to you. 

As a symbol from spirit, seeing a blue jay could mean a few different things. Depending on your specific life situation, you could find one or more of these messages resonating with you. 

You are being encouraged to explore 

Blue jays are curious and inquisitive. If there is something that catches their attention, they can be really good explorers by pecking at it till their curiosity is satisfied. 

You could be at a place in your life where you feel stagnated. Spirit is encouraging you to explore new ideas and opportunities. You are being asked to weigh your options by looking at them intently. It is also telling you to trust in your instincts and not be averse to risk-taking.

Another aspect to this is introspection – curiosity about the self. Being curious and following the path to discover the true self may lead to new insights and open doors that have been shut. 

On the side of caution, if there are people or situations that you have been finding yourself curious about, there is a chance that you are being perceived as nosy. Spirit is asking you to redirect your energies and focus on yourself. 

You are being asked to express yourself 

Blue jays are very loud. They love to talk. They are fearless communicators and are louder than most birds. 

Ask yourself if you have been suppressing your voice. Are there situations in your life you would like to be vocal about? Is there something you need to say to someone but have been holding yourself back? 

Spirit is asking you to let go of any hesitation and speak your mind. It is reminding you that you do not need to keep quiet. If there are fears around how people might react to your opinions and feelings, spirit is telling you to be yourself. People should love you and accept you for who you are.

In case you have been feeling more restricted in your speech, you could try opening and healing your throat chakra. Positive affirmations about self-confidence and authenticity can help with self-expression. Practising yoga postures that focus on releasing tension from the neck area is another wonderful technique to find more openness with expression. 

You are being reminded of your power 

Resourceful and resilient, blue jays know how to make the most from what they have. They are able to make homes anywhere, if not on trees then in mailboxes. They also have a very strong sense of self-defense. To keep away predators, they mimic other creatures, especially hawks. All lemons go into the lemonade. 

If there is a challenge in your life that you feel is too big for you to overcome, spirit is asking you to trust in your potential. You are not powerless. No matter how tough the problem appears, there is something you can do to either change the situation or your perception of it. 

Spirit is asking you to believe in yourself and have faith in your own abilities. Like the blue jay, you possess the inner resources that can lead you to success. 

On the flip side, you could be using your resourcefulness in a manner that is manipulative. If you catch yourself doing that, you need to let go of fears and trust that the universe has your back. Whatever is meant for you cannot be taken away from you. 

A loved one needs your support 

Blue jays mate for life. They are fearless and determined when it comes to protecting what is theirs, including their family. They value their community and engage in both give and take. 

Spirit is reminding you to get in touch with your qualities of loyalty, trustworthiness, and faithfulness. You might need to nurture and value your relationships and give back. Ask yourself if there is something you can do to positively contribute to the world.

There could be someone you love who needs your support and attention. If there is a person in your environment who needs you by their side, the blue jay has come as a reminder to be there for them. 

If the role is reversed and you feel that you need to either express or ask for something from someone you love, you are being encouraged to have faith in your bond and not hold yourself back. 

You are being told to love yourself  

Blue jays are perfect reminders of the importance of self-love. While working extremely hard, being fiercely determined, and exhibiting relentless perseverance, blue jays always find time to rest. They are resplendent and are not afraid to stand out. 

This message can never be overstated. Perhaps you need to ask yourself if you love and value yourself enough. Are you nourishing and nurturing your body, mind, and spirit? Are you finding time for yourself while being caught in the throes of daily life?

Spirit is also telling you that you do not need to hide. You can be confident in who you are. It is asking you to not be hard on yourself and is saying that you are enough. 

In closing

If we are seeking answers, we shall always find them, sometimes in the form of blue jays. In whichever way you see one, you can honour it for its energy and everything it stands for. If you feel that you need to see one, simply call upon the blue jay in your mind’s eye and summon for yourself what you need from it. 

A blue jay is telling you that you are empowered. Have faith and follow your path. Life will never be the same again. 


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