Spiritual Meaning of Wisdom Teeth Explained

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Wisdom teeth of a spiritual person

If you’ve ever sat on a dentist’s chair to get your wisdom teeth removed, you may disregard the thought that anything spiritual can be associated with this experience. This can be justified, as you were the pain-bearer. However, read further before you think wisdom teeth are not useful to the human mouth with their only function to grow until they meet a sad and painful end.

Wisdom teeth aren’t totally useless. I’m not saying this to make you feel better but instead to tell you about the spiritual connection they have to justify their existence. In the following sections, you will learn how wisdom teeth are viewed spiritually and their interpretations in dreams.

Wisdom Teeth: Do We All Get Them?

Wisdom teeth may not erupt in the case of some individuals with many receiving them comfortably. Yet, there are some for whom the experience can be very painful. Wisdom teeth erupt in fours around the time of adulthood (17-25 years) behind the molar teeth. However, they are generally pulled out by dentists post eruption.

Renowned biologist Charles Darwin called the wisdom teeth a “vestigial organ”. This means an organ of the body which did serve a specific purpose in historic times but tend to become futile over evolution. Explaining further on the evolution history of wisdom teeth would require some digging in through our past. Our ancestors used wisdom teeth as back-up. The reason being that they would generally feed on meat that was rough and sometimes uncooked. Therefore, it was unlikely that their teeth would stay in good health for very long.

Additionally, our ancestors weren’t familiar with the concept of oral hygiene. As a result, their teeth tended to fall out around the age when our wisdom teeth in today’s times start growing in! For them, growth of wisdom teeth didn’t pose a problem because their molars were already gone by that stage. However, with our teeth being relatively healthy, eruption of wisdom teeth is painful because they start pushing against the already intact molars and that’s exactly why most people need to visit the dentist to have them extracted.

Spiritual Meaning of Wisdom Tooth Pain

Interestingly, wisdom teeth do have a spiritual meaning. The problem of these painful eruptions of wisdom teeth is often associated with a close underlying spiritual problem. Therefore, it’s recommended to work towards the spiritual healing of the issue simultaneously while addressing it at the physical level.

Problems with wisdom teeth are a clear indicator of some kind of fear we experience in our lives. This could be because of several people or situations. It means that we’re scared – scared of change, scared of accepting that change, or scared of letting go of people/things. It also implies that we can’t seem to exercise the necessary control over our life. Faced with a problem, we get too scared and confused and are unable to make a decision regardless if it is right or wrong. Tooth problems are often a pointer towards these problems and are looked at as a warning sign from the universe that we need to delve deep into our fear and indecisiveness and look for the way out.

It’s believed that the pain arising from the wisdom teeth eruption is a reminder of the much-deeper internal pain that we experience every day. Healing this pain at the spiritual level is just as important as putting an end to the physical pain.

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Wisdom Teeth Dream Interpretation

Just like the wisdom teeth themselves, dreams about them are also believed to have some spiritual meanings. Such dreams may be rare, but when they do appear, they are believed to have some spiritual implication behind them. Of course, these interpretations could differ depending on the uniqueness of each dream, individual experience, and personality.

  • Dreaming of a wisdom tooth falling out – Dreaming about this could generally indicate a sense of powerlessness in your life, a feeling of gradually losing control in various spheres of life – career, finance, family, social and personal relationships.

It could also be a reminder of a life experience that has or is making you feel embarrassed. Besides, it could also indicate that you are having communication problems because the mouth is primarily responsible for communication functions. Therefore, any oral problems may be a sign of issues with communicating.

Dreams of wisdom teeth can sometimes point out at physical or spiritual health problems arising from improper diet, lack of exercise or ignorance of spiritual practices. On a more serious level, such dreams could also be interpreted to mean that you aren’t happy with letting go of the energy and motivation you enjoyed during your youth and are not content with your achievements as an adult.

  • Dreaming of wisdom teeth being pulled out – Such dreams could be more common where we imagine sitting at the dentist chair and getting our teeth extracted. A dream of this kind could be interpreted to mean that you aren’t happy or content anymore with the usual societal norms or benchmarks of happiness – money, success, and romance/marriage. It could also mean that you are craving for something greater and beyond, such as spirituality.
  • Dreaming of wisdom teeth growing in – This implies maturity and points to the start of new beginnings just like the milestone of wisdom teeth eruption at the onset of adulthood. It means that you have transcended from being a child and have come of age, both physically and emotionally.
  • Dreaming that wisdom teeth have not erupted yet – It’s a reflection of your own feeling of being left out or lagging behind in some respect.


Wisdom teeth dream interpretation reveals that these set of “useless” molars do have a useful purpose to serve, after all. They can point out to our deepest emotions and help us understand the real us.


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  1. Yo so remember this when you see me on your tv’s……now in real life my wisdom tooth at the bottom has come and grew on the left side so fast and out of no where ….the right one is still mostly in my gums….however with that being said…i always look for symbolism for the things i go through now….because its how God is choosing to talk to me….. however! My tooth starting hurting right when i started writing my music…..God has choosen me to be a vessle for music and many other things….but this is the first to be accomplished…..forget a dream….when it can be reality.

  2. I’m 38 and going through a life altering moment where my oldest daughter is moving out with friends and my youngest daughter will only because be with me for 2 more years. It’s a hard reality for me to face because they have been my whole life. I’m a single mom (full time nurse) and also just got diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called Pseudotumor Cerebri last month. It has no known cause or cure. I had an MRI showing increased intracranial hypertension. I’ve been out on short term disability since August 2020. I’ve had 6 spinal taps abd a blood patch procedure because I had a spinal leak and was hospitalized for a week at Cleveland Clinic. I have one last impacted upper left wisdom tooth and I’m getting it out today! This article is interesting!

    • Wow, sounds like you are going through a lot and a wisdom tooth is the least of it. Thanks for the kind words! I’ll send you good vibes and keep you in my prayers.

      • I visited a dentist, to resolve my tooth ache. She Said ,I need to remove your wisdom teeth and you need to get blood test results before that..it was beyond my means. Fortunately teeth fell on its own. Now i am free from blood test, extraction and money issue.

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