Spiritual Meaning of White Feathers

White feathers are a beautiful item that comes from nature. They are seen in many stories and movies to represent a spiritual item. They are also known to be a very strong omen, a spiritual token, from the universe. There are good and bad omens in the world, which usually foresee and forewarn about the future.

There are so many spiritual tokens that can be found it gets difficult to keep up but in the case of the white feather, it’s a good omen. It’s one that brings only good news and lightness with it. Just as the feather is light, all that it brings with is the same. There’s no need to fear omens especially when it comes to the white feather.

What kind of white feathers are there?

When thinking of a white feather, many jump to the image of the perfectly white, soft, and fluffy feather. This image is similar to the kind of feathers that would be found inside of pillows. There are many other feathers though, and most are not so perfect looking but that’s what makes them real, which is a lot better.

  1. The first kind of white feather that can be found may be almost perfectly white and soft
  2. The second kind is one that may have bits of grey in it, splashed unevenly around the feather
  3. Another common white feather that’s found is one that seems mostly black but has a lot of white spots on it

Most spiritual white feathers come from birds, which is what makes the phenomenon of finding them in spaces like a home so special. It conveys how rare it is to have them appear and that it holds a strong meaning.

Where does the meaning of white feathers come from?

There have been countless ancient stories about the white feather and what it means spiritually. The most mentionable and the oldest being in the Egyptian time. The Egyptians believed that when they found a white feather it would bring purity, as the colour white symbolised purity for them. With this sense of purity would come all things true, and their personal true path would be revealed to them because of the white feather.

Another honourable mention of the origins of the white feathers meaning comes from Christianity. The Christians believed almost the exact same thing that the Egyptians did when it came to finding a white feather expect there is more emphasis on the purity beliefs. Birds play a large role in Christian beliefs, for example, the white dove is quite prominent and represents absolute purity.

The Christians believed that when a white bird appeared it was the angels sending them a message or their own personal guardian angel appearing before them. Therefore, the white feather, too, conveys a message from the angels. The message is not as strong as seeing a white bird, but it is still there.

The spiritual meaning of white feathers 

Of all the meanings that the white feather holds, purity is the strongest. The white feather as a stand-alone symbol means something very different from the white feather appearing or being found by a person. Due to it conveying purity, it also signifies everything that comes with purity such as truth an honour.

In images of white birds, the bird is always puffing its chest up because it has something to puff its chest up for. The white birds live a true life and are honoured to hold such sacred meanings. The white feather also means peace. In battles, a white flag is waved when a person surrenders because they want to ask for peace.

The white feather is no different in this instance, it’s a strong symbol of peace. With this peace also comes calm and serenity. If someone puts up white feathers within their space it means they’re cultivating a space of calm. It can be a powerful tool to manifest peacefulness, especially in times of need.

What it means when someone finds a white feather

If a white feather is found it doesn’t necessarily take away the meanings of the symbol of a white feather, it just brings different meanings into the picture for that precise moment. It often means that your guardian angels are looking out for you in the specific time of need and that you can rest in the calm and knowing that you’re looked after. It essentially means that everything is okay, there’s no need to worry.

Where to find white feathers 

White feathers really can be found anywhere, there’s no limit to where they can be found. When it comes to a message from the universe, it could show up anywhere and it has many times. The white feather has a different meaning depending on whether it appeared or if it was found. Although, if someone is really needing some of the radiant energy that a white feather brings there are a few places to look.

  1. A park where birds usually go to swim or wander around
  2. The beach, many white birds roam the beaches and feathers fall out whilst they do that
  3. The white feather very often also appears in old belongings, looking there may also help someone find what they’re needing

What to do after finding white feathers

Once someone has found a white feather, it’s important to not just throw it out. It can be collected and hung up in someone’s space or even just stored somewhere in a box. The message that the white feathers bring should be taken to heart and similarly be kept with the person and not tossed aside. When the message is clearly heard and listened to is when it works best.

Kate Viljoen

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