Spiritual Meaning of Waking Up at 3 am

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Wide awake, every night for over a month. Every time just around 3 am.

I had never had trouble sleeping before so I began to wonder why this was happening?

If you’d ask a psychologist why you’ve been waking up at 3 am they’ll tell you that it could be because of stress, anxiety, insomnia, disturbance, thirst or night terrors. 

However, I knew that there was a deeper, less obvious meaning to this conundrum.

What happens at 3 am?

We all know for sure that there is this physical world we live in.

What of the unseen? That which can only be felt?

Yes, other realms exist beyond our sight or even imagination.

The physical and spiritual worlds co-exist. 

The barrier or veil between these worlds becomes the thinnest between 3-4 am. 3 am is also known as the witching hour.

The term witching hour may sound spooky, but don’t worry. TV and cinema have dramatized this concept and created an uncanny and frightening image of it through horror movies.

In reality, the witching hour is not spine-chilling, but rather invigorating and rejuvenating. 

At 3 am there are fewer devices running, fewer frequencies in your environment. Human activity is at its lowest – people who sleep late are asleep and so are those who wake up early.

During this time, guides, spirits or angels can connect easier with you.

5 Spiritual Meaning of Waking Up At 3 AM

  1. Spiritual Awakening

The witching hour is the time when you can accept and explore the truest form of your consciousness.

It’s possible that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening. You are gaining self-awareness and identifying the spiritual part of you.

  1. Ease of connection

As I mentioned earlier, this is the hour when interruptions are at their least. Ths making this early hour ideal to form a connection with the spiritual world.

After this connection is formed we may be able to practice it through the day as well.

  1. You are being blessed

Your guides or guardian angels might be reaching out to connect to you and send you blessings.

Although this may happen anytime in life, it is more likely that your guide/guardian will reach out to you during tricky times or when you’re in despair.

Most of the time this process will be natural. However, if you want to enable them to connect with you, you may say a short prayer:

“I call upon my guardian angel for love and support. Please come forward and connect with me now. Help me and guide me. Be with me and heal me. Share with my your wisdom and power. So be it.”

  1. You are sensitive to subtle energies

Being wake at 3 am may mean that your personal vibrations are calm, which in turn makes you more sensitive to the subtle energies around you. 

You are aware and sensitive towards the activities in the spiritual realm.

  1. Chance to evaluate your spiritual growth

If you wake up at 3 am, this is the best time to sit and think also. The silence can be deafening but also revealing.

Take this opportunity to have some alone time and do a bit of thinking.

Think of this as a calling to grow spiritually and get to know yourself.

Our usual lives are quite fast-paced and we hardly have time to spend with ourselves in peace. So use this peace to assess and explore yourself.

What should I do?

Sometimes all you have to do is listen.

If you are wide awake at 3 am, the universe wants to communicate with you. 

All you should do is accept. Be open and ready to accept.

It is best if you meditate during this time and just observe what you feel. If you don’t meditate, that’s alright too, just sit with your palms facing upwards in a receiving position.

If you like you may practice some deep breathing or focus your attention on your third eye.

At times you may move into a deep state of sleep. Whatever you feel, just observe and accept it.

It’s also a good practice to maintain a journal or notes on when you wake up and your experiences.

How Does a 3 AM Spiritual Experience Feel?

The only thing certain is that no two people would have the same set of spiritual experiences. However, what you could possibly feel is:

  1. A sense of calm may come over you

Before, during or after 3 am (and your experience with the witching hour), you may feel a deep sense of calm. You may feel quite settled within. 

In case you had been feeling upset or disturbed in life, you may feel light and things would suddenly start to feel better.

At times you may feel understood, protected and cared for.

  1. Connected

You may feel a connection (or a stronger connection) with your departed loved ones or a higher power.

At times we have unresolved issues or lingering pain regarding the death of a loved one. If this person was able to contact you in any way, your suffering may be eased to an extent.

  1. Awakened

We sleep every day and wake up every day but who knew that waking up at a certain time could lead to spiritual awakening as well. 

Staying awake at 3 am can mean many things and you can use your time in many ways as well. 

When used judiciously this 1 hour is worth more than 1 month spent in self-development,

I had countless epiphanies during the witching hour. All the 3 am nights helped me gain clarity in my life and put things in perspective.

Final thoughts

“The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” — Eden Phillpotts

If there’s one thing I’ve come to learn through this experience it is the necessity to have an open mind in order to make sense of our lives.

Spirituality has its roots in all happenings in life, even in the dead of the night.


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