Spiritual Meaning of Lizards

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Lizards are ancient creatures. They are the most diverse group of reptiles in shape and size. They are also very widely found, almost everywhere on the planet. 

We share some history with lizards. There is reference of lizards in the Bible as well as by the Egyptians and Greeks of old. They have been found on tribal motifs. Shamans and mediums have recognized and respected their connection to humans. 

Ways in which a lizard can appear as a symbol from spirit 

If a lizard appears in your reality or your consciousness, it could be a message from the universe to support and guide you. Know that the universe hears you and that you are protected. 

You could see an actual lizard out of the blue. You could have dreamt of a lizard. It could have come to you in a visualization of a spirit animal or a spirit guide. Or you could have felt one in your consciousness making its presence felt to you. 

If you have felt the energy of a lizard, trust your intuition and know that it has come to deliver you a message that you need to hear. 

There are both positive and negative aspects to the spiritual significance of a lizard. You may find one or more of these messages resonating with you based on your present circumstances. 

You are being asked to face your fears

Spiritually, a lizard symbolizes a true survivor. A lizard will put up a huge fight to safeguard its territory. It is agile and very quick to move. 

Spirit is asking you to imbibe the spirit of a warrior and face your fears. It is inducing in you the same determination and will. It is persuading you to put up your best fight in a situation that you might be finding challenging. 

Spirit is telling you that it is not yet time to give up and also to not waste time in inaction. You have the power to withstand difficult situations and circumstances. Take charge and put your best foot forward. 

You are being told to trust your instincts 

Lizards are exceptionally instinctual. Their perception of the world around them is very acute. 

You could be experiencing a heightened sensitivity to subtle energies around you. Spirit is telling you to trust your intuition. 

You could be at a point in your life where you need to make a decision. The answer is very close to you. You are being asked to look intently in and around you and have faith in your judgment. 

You are being warned of threats 

Are you living in awareness? A lizard is vigilant at all times so it is not caught unawares by an enemy. Staying on guard is how it ensures its well-being. 

There could be threats in your surroundings that you are unaware of. Spirit is asking you to look intently so you can turn these threats into potentials and opportunities for growth. 

Being vigilant will also ensure that you do not miss out on the opportunities that come your way. 

On the negative side, if you feel any deceptive energy within you, you are being warned that if you act on it, it could work to your disadvantage. 

You are being asked to be flexible and let go

A lizard is flexible enough to run for cover when it finds itself in the midst of an impossible fight. It might cost the lizard its tail, but at least it survives. 

Spirit is asking you to be flexible and let go of any extra baggage you might be carrying with you. By shedding what does not serve you any longer, you will create new positive space in your life. 

If there are past hurts or regrets in your life that you have been holding tight to, spirit is asking you to release the past. Like the tail of the lizard, you have to power to regenerate. What is lost will come back to you, perhaps in a new and better way. It is your time to heal. 

You are being urged to be more compassionate 

Lizards are cold-blooded creatures. Perhaps the detached side of you is what is dominating your personality at the moment.

If you find this resonating with you, spirit is urging you to adopt a more loving and compassionate attitude. Whether it is with people you love or find difficult to love, you are being asked to be gentler and kinder. 

Seeking support from the lizard spirit guide

If there is a situation in your life where you feel deadlocked or helpless, you can seek support from the lizard spirit guide. 

If you find yourself in one or more of these situations, simply summon the lizard spirit while sitting in silence and ask it for help.  

  • You are unable to deal with your fears. You are seeking courage to fight. This could either be an external situation or your own inner demons. 
  • You feel stagnated in your life. You want new opportunities but nothing seems to be coming your way. You are bored and lost.
  • You feel that there is something that is not right but you can’t place your finger at what exactly it is. You don’t seem to know where to look or how to find your answers. 
  • There is a loss you want to recover from. It could be the loss of a person, a financial loss, or the loss of an opportunity. You want to free yourself from the burdens of the past and overcome the grief and the pain. 
  • You find yourself unable to break a cycle. There is something that needs a new way of looking at things but you find yourself repeating the same pattern. You need flexibility and imagination. 

Final thoughts 

All creatures possess a unique energy. Like every other animal, lizards too embody special qualities and traits that carry their own significance and symbolism

There is much that we can absorb as energy from a lizard. All we need to do is trust and open our hearts to receive.  


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