Spiritual Meaning of Bumble Bee

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Bumble bees sometimes tend to come with a bad connotation because of how fearful people are when it comes to them. Their hard work and productivity get overlooked when it comes to the fear of being stung. This is why people tend to run away when bumble bees buzz too close to them.

Even though bumble bees have the ability to sting a person, it’s very rare that they actually do. They can be incredibly friendly creatures that simply go about their business. Not only should a person now run away from bumble bees but should consider it good luck when one flies near them for a multitude of reasons.

What Bumble Bees Do

Everyone knows that a bumble bee can sting and create a great irritation on the body, but they can do so much more than that. Bumble bees are responsible for a large percent of the flora pollination in the world and are an immense asset. Whilst they pollinate plants, they simultaneously grab nectar from them.

They work tirelessly and non-stop until they die. This gives a good indication of their spiritual association to productivity and perseverance. The bumble bee works in groups, they all need each other so that they can thrive, which conveys their spiritual relation to community energy.

The Spiritual history of Bumble Bees

Bumble bees come from all over the world and there are many ancient stories about them. One story goes on about how the bumble bees were sent as a sweet gift but also as a reminder that sweetness and gifts take hard work. The honey is earned, and you can’t just take it without giving in return, like anything in life.

Theoretically, the bumble bee is too big for its wings. Therefore, scientifically it shouldn’t be able to fly, and yet it does. Ancient spiritual stories also speak about how this phenomenon conveys the miracles of the world. It was said to prove how miracles happen all the time because the bees shouldn’t exist, but they do because of a miracle.

There were many spiritual stories about the history of bumble bees- some cultures believed they symbolised the sun and others said harmony. Nowadays they symbolise many different things, including some of the ancient meanings given to them. The bumble bee symbolism depends on the situation and the person. 

What it Means When a Bumble Bee Comes Near You

The most prevalent quality that a bumble bee brings up is stillness. They are slow and calculated in their movements and similarly, that’s what they expect when they are near a person. It’s a sign to slow down and not get ahead of yourself all the time. Some yogis use the mentality of a bumble bee within their practice because they want their movements to be slow and mindful like the bees.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Bumble Bee Symbol

The bumble bee symbol has a different meaning compared to when the bee is near you in real life. It can have personal meaning, as well as collective meaning in some groups. One of the most popular spiritual meanings of a bee symbol is community and fruitfulness.

Therefore, it conveys abundance and an excess amount of love, which can be found through community and/or passions. It also symbolises pride for a lot of people because the hard work of the bumble bees is seen with pride. Many people who work hard or who have gone through a lot, look to the bumble bee for inspiration on their journey. They see how proud they should be of themselves for working as hard as the bees.

What Bumble Bees Can Help With

Bumble bees can help a person focus and maintain stronger attention. The bees are hyper-focused when they are working, which is always. They are calculated in their movements and never rush anything because they don’t need to. When one is focused then nothing ever has to be redone and there’s never too much to do.

Bumble bees are there to remind people to take a second and not get caught up in their heads. They are there to create a sense of calm, not to create fear. Those who get afraid in the presence of bumble bees are being sent a message to be calm, they are the ones who need to learn stillness in the face of trouble the most. Here are all the things bumble bees can help with:

  1. Being calm and collected
  2. Being focused
  3. Being hard-working and productive
  4. Being a community leader, or a key player in the community
  5. Being still 

Invoking a Bumble Bee Spirit 

Invoking a bumble bee spirit doesn’t have to be difficult. These little creatures spiritually signify so many important things that are important for everyone. When feeling stressed or panicked, it may be a sign to invoke the bumble bee spirit. 

This can be done by remaining calm and taking moments of stillness. A person can be productive and hard-working without depleting their energy. It’s all about staying focused whilst finding those important moments away from work, such as being with the community, to maintain calm.

Kate Viljoen

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