Spiritual Meaning of 555

555 is considered a “resonant” number in esoteric teachings. It represents the potential of access to hyperdimensional reality or realms beyond time and space. Esoteric author, Peter Moon, says 555 holds the “seeds for our future evolution,” which are embedded deep within us.  But what does 555 really mean?  

Here are some ideas on the spiritual meaning of 555:

  • Catholics: It’s said that Pope John Paul II was born (and died) at this number.
  • Muslims: They believe the Angel Gabriel appeared 555 times to Muhammad. The word “Al-Quran,” which Muslims consider as the literal word of God, consists of “555” Arabic letters.
  • Hindus: The Vedangas are five methods of obtaining vidyas (knowledge). The first is “sruti,” the process of hearing, and the fifth is “banana,” the act of contemplation. The number 5 in Hinduism represents ‘Pancham,’ or sacrifice.
  • Buddhists: Buddhists believe that they will reincarnate 555 times before reaching enlightenment when they reach nirvana.
  • Christians:  Jesus Christ died at 3:00 in the afternoon, on a Friday, during the Hebrew month of Nisan, which is equivalent to March or April. The Romans considered this time to be about 9:00 am. In other words, it was 5:55 am when Jesus Christ died.
  • Sikhism: Sikh gurus were saints and teachers that helped guide the faith. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was the first guru, and he lived to be 105 years old. His birthday is on November 24th, which is 11/24 or 5:55.

Other significant applications of the 555 besides spiritual:

  • 555 is the number of atoms in an average-sized adult male.
  • 555 is the atomic weight (in Daltons) of DNA base cytosine due to it having 5 units (or bases) 1 bonded with 3 units 0, thus being 555. 
  • 555 is the atomic number of titanium.
  • The 555 timer IC operates at approximately 50 to 100 kHz. This is in the ELF range, which can be disruptive or beneficial depending on its utilization. For instance, in the context of brain entrainment, this frequency falls within the Theta brainwave frequency range.
  • 555 is found in music with “over four-and-a-half octaves of notes.” 
  • The human retina contains about 5.5 million cone cells responsible for color vision. Also, 555 can be found in base 11 counting since 55=1,100, and when divided by 11, 55 is a remainder of 5.

 How to use the 555’s spiritual meaning in your own life

  1. The number 555 represents a spiritual meaning of a wall, so it is often seen as protection. A wall can protect you from the outside, but it can also serve as a separation from things going on in your life or people you would rather not be around. So this could represent an obstacle that you need to overcome to move ahead spiritually.
  2. House number 555 is often seen as standing for “My Destiny.” If you see this, it could mean that your life path was predetermined to take the direction it has. But, it could also suggest that things will play out in a certain way, but you can at least take control of the outcome through your actions and choices.
  3. The number 555 means that you are focusing on your material world. It might be better for you to begin thinking about things beyond what you can see around you. Of course, taking care of your body is essential. But if you have not yet found a balance between mind, body, and spirit, it could be challenging to become more in touch with God.
  4. The 555 is a very spiritual number, symbolizing the power of all that has happened, is happening right now, and will happen in the future. You can use this meaning to find peace with your past, current life choices, and the future.
  5. You can use the number 555 to signify that something good will happen in your life, and you should wait patiently for it to come. Stay positive because thinking negatively will keep this great thing from happening. If you expect the best, the most likely outcome will be what happens.
  6. The best time to use the number 555 is when you are stuck or unsure of your life choices. You can look at this number as a kind of like a light guiding you in the right direction, so pay attention to where it leads.
  7. The number 555 can also be a sign from your angels or spirit guides telling you to be patient and have hope for a brighter future. It may also be telling you to stay hopeful and do something nice for someone.
  8. Finally, the number 555 can be seen as a reminder that you are stronger than you think because it takes faith to believe in things beyond what we see with our eyes. Have faith that the universe has something better planned for you, even if there is a delay right now. It will happen eventually, so you should stay positive and not give up.

The power of positive thinking and how it can help you manifest your desires

Positive thinking is an entirely natural thing for all human beings. You cannot be alive in this world without having some level of positive thinking in your life. 

When you are in a state of positive thinking, you will notice that opportunities to change your life for the better come more easily. This can be in the form of relationships or in situations that allow you to take control over bad habits. The examples are endless, but let’s look at exactly how it works and how you can apply it to your life.

  • The first thing you will want to do is take a step back and realize that there are no limits on what you can achieve. You have the power within yourself, but only if you believe it. Once you start looking at everything in this light, opportunities will come up more often.  
  • The next thing you can do is use positive thinking on a daily basis. You may not notice anything right away but over time, you will see that things are starting to change. Start by adding just one positive thing into your day each morning. 
  • However, it is also important that you have realistic expectations. If you tell yourself that work will go perfectly every day, your positive thinking may become false over time. Be realistic.  


Number 555 is a special number (in numerology) that helps you to be aware of your life mission and achieve what you were meant to achieve. It also makes you feel good when you realize why certain things happen in your life.

Mercy Maina

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