Reclining Hero Pose

The reclining hero pose is a simple yoga posture that offers a wide range of benefits for the body and mind. This pose helps to lengthen the spine, open up the chest and shoulders, and stretch the hamstrings and glutes. It can also help to relieve stress and tension in the body. 

The reclining hero pose is perfect for you if you want a relaxing and rejuvenating yoga practice at the end of the day. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of this pose and discuss its many benefits. 

The Basics of Reclining Hero Pose: 

The reclining hero pose is an English name of Supta Virasana, and it is pronounced as (Soup-tah veer-ahs=anna). Supta Virasana is a perfect pose for those seeking to relieve fatigue, stress and tension. It stretches the thighs as well as knees which relieves muscle aches from standing all day or working at an office job with long hours spent sitting down. 

In addition, this restorative posture will stretch out your entire leg muscles, including ankle joints- making them more flexible than ever before. Besides, when it is practiced regularly, it can help give you longer-lasting energy levels. 

Benefits of Reclining Hero Pose: 

Take a look below at some of the many benefits of practicing this yoga pose: 

Physical Benefits: 

This pose is beneficial to practice after eating because it relieves digestive problems such as gas, acidity and diarrhea. This yoga position also stretches the abdominal organs, which improves your ability to absorb nutrients in food. 

Moreover, many people have found that Supta Virasana can help them with a variety of health problems. The pose opens up the chest, torso and pelvic area, which provides therapeutic benefits for discomforts such as head colds, menstrual pain or high blood pressure by relaxing your muscles around those areas while you are in this position. 

The pose also increases blood flow relieves tension in the muscles of your legs and feet while giving relief from sciatica or varicose veins. This is perfect for flat foot sufferers. Reclining Hero Pose is a restful and rejuvenating pose that stretches the ankles improves flexibility in your spine. 

With time you can become more comfortable with this position which will allow for a deep renewal of body tissue. 

Energy Gaining Benefits:

Supta Virasana is a pose that rejuvenates the body and eliminates tiredness. This restorative pose can be practiced at any time during or after your class to revitalize yourself. This pose is a great way to stretch your legs after standing in one position for an extended period of time. 

It also has the ability to eliminate any fatigue that may have accumulated during your day or when practicing pranayama. All of these factors make this pose worth incorporating into your daily routine. 

How to do a Reclining Hero Pose?

  • To start this posture, kneel on the yoga mat with both knees together and feet flat against each other. Open up your heels, so they are not too far away from where you want them, keeping toes pointed in towards one another while pressing down evenly across their tops for more comfort (and balance).
  • Sit down with your feet positioned directly below you. Make sure they are parallel to the ground and properly aligned with one another so that there is no excessive slacking or narrowing of their angle in either direction throughout this position, which could force uncomfortable tensions on any joints within its range of motion. 
  • Come into a sitting position with your back straight and hands on the floor behind you. Lean forward until there’s an incline in both elbows, then lower forearms to meet them, so they rest against each other for support. 
  • When you are confident and comfortable, continue to lower yourself all the way down until your thighs are resting on either side of an edge or cushion. Make sure that when sitting with bent knees in this position, it’s easy for both feet touching the floor at any one time so as not to strain anything. You can keep them slightly apart if needed, but don’t let them splay wider than your hips. 
  • Take a deep breath, and as you exhale, let your arms fall to either side. Inhale slowly while drawing in the colon region at root level before extending out again with each exhaled breath until reaching its natural endpoint without tension or strain. 
  • Keep your head slightly tucked and look down the centerline of your body.
  • Hold the pose for 1 minute, then take a break and come back later. As you get more comfortable in this position, it can last up to 5-10 minutes before getting too difficult or stressful. 
  • Come out of the pose with a sense of awareness and engage your abdominal muscles as well. On an inhalation, push up using both hands or elbows to return back into Virasana.

Common Mistakes: 

One common mistake people make when doing Reclining Hero Pose is not keeping their back straight. This can cause strain on the lower back and neck and may even lead to injury if not corrected. Make sure to keep your back straight and aligned with your hips while in this pose.

Another common mistake people make is not extending their arms fully. This causes the shoulders and chest to collapse, which can lead to pain in these areas. Make sure to extend your arms fully so that they are parallel with the ground.

Beginners’ Tips: 

  • If you are just starting with this posture, lean back, take a deep breath and feel the stretch in your thighs. This is not an all-out jumpstart so start slowly by just resting on one arm or hand for now before gradually working up to two hands across both arms. 
  • Another way to limit any stretch in your quadriceps is by placing the palms of both hands on some (steady) blocks.
  • As you exhalate, use this breath to help soften more into the pose and walk your hands back or come onto forearms.
  • If it’s difficult to come out of a pose, press your right hip toward the floor and extend both legs out in front of you, so they are parallel to one another.


  • This pose is not for everyone. If you are experiencing knee pain, ankle problems or any other medical issue that is causing difficulties with movements, then please avoid doing this pose. 
  • If you feel any pain or discomfort in your lower back while practicing this pose, please stop immediately and modify the position accordingly.


  • If you’re feeling stiff, try this great therapeutic pose. There are so many different ways you can do it, including cushions, pillows or you can even use a soft blanket for extra comfort.
  • When sitting for long periods of time, it’s important to keep one foot planted on the floor (knee pointing up) in order to ease any discomfort from back pain.
  • This pose allows you to stretch and open your lower back. The tailbone isn’t tucked, so it’s important not only to focus on the arched position of the spine. A regular session can help relieve sciatica pain as well as provide increased flexibility if done regularly – try staying in this position for 1-5 minutes at first, then gradually work up from there in line with what feels right for your body. 

In a Nutshell: 

Reclining Hero Pose is a great pose for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners alike. It stretches the hamstrings, back, and glutes while providing deep relaxation for the mind and body. If you are looking for a pose that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, then you need to try out this yoga practice and make your physical and mental well-being better. 

Hasna Suhail

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