Powerful Ways to Protect Your Energy

You may have heard the theory that people are either energy suckers or energy givers. This can also be true with places, situations, and thoughts. Many of us protect our mental and physical health by exercising, eating right, going to therapy, etc. However, we must also get into the practice of protecting our energetic health, sometimes referred to as your spirit or spiritual health. There are various ways people can learn about how, where, and when they expend the most energy and even who drains your energy or gives you energy. 

How to Tune into Your Own Energy:

  • Pay Attention to Your Dreams

While the subject of dreams and their meaning, if they mean anything can be controversial for some, your dreams may also bring forth what may e hiding in your subconscious. Keep a dream journal and see if there are any recurring themes to your dreams.

  • Get Comfortable with Silence

When there is nothing going on to distract you, your mind will often start to wander. If your mind often wanders to the same thing, it is likely this is taking up a lot of your energy.

  • Take Note of Who/ What Drains Your Energy

For example, do you notice you come home from your job feeling stressed, tense and anxious or do you feel that way before even going to work? Do you have a friend that just makes you feel exhausted after spending time with them? These are energy drainers.

  • Take Note of Who/ What Gives You Energy

On the opposite end, do you know someone who makes you feel refreshed or revived hanging out with them? Does your job make you feel fulfilled? Productive? Useful? These are things that can be feeding you energy.

Powerful Ways to Protect Your Energy:

  • Reiki

Reiki is an energy healing technique that encourages relaxation, reduction of stress, tension, and anxiety through gentle touch. The reiki guide uses their hands to direct, improve, balance, add to, and/or heal the energy flowing through your body.

  • Meditation

Meditation teaches you to slow down and look inward. It helps you not focus on all the distractions happening around you and teaches you not to get attached to your thoughts. 

  • Church

For some, finding a church that aligns with your beliefs can help you cultivate a stronger connection to your higher power and establish a solid community with like-minded people.

  • Set Boundaries

Learn to say no to things and people that don’t make you feel good and or/appreciated.

  • Focus on Solutions, Not the Problem
  • Practice Mindfulness

You can practice mindfulness anywhere in your life. Take the time to slow down and notice the small details in your surroundings.

  • Do Things That Make you Feel Good

Make time to do the things that make you smile, things that make your heart feel tingly. For example, set 30 minutes aside either every day or a few times a week to read a book, catch up with friends, take an art class, walk dogs or spend time with cats at your local animal shelter. Make more time to do the things you enjoy and see the people you love.

  • Know What Triggers You

If you know what triggers you, you can keep away from people and situations that cause stress and anxiety. 

  • Create a Safe Space

A safe space can be anything or anywhere that makes you feel safe, stress-free, and relaxed. Many people make their bedrooms their safe spaces, but it can also be your car, the gym, the beach, your garden, the woods, etc. It is any place you can go to and retreat from the world.

  • Keep Your Work and Living Space Clean and Organized

When your surroundings and personal space are messy and unorganized, it can make you feel messy and unorganized internally. Get rid of things that are taking up space ad don’t get used.

  • Dress to Impress – Yourself

When you look good, you feel good. It doesn’t matter what other people think, but if you’re confident in the way you dress and look, it translates to your energy and the way you carry yourself.

  • Find Your Tribe

Finding your tribe means finding the people who lift you up, support you, and love you unconditionally. These are the people who will always have your back, tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, and help you learn and grow to become the best version of yourself. 

Amanda Strube

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