16 Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

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Most people start their kundalini awakening journey by evaluating themselves for kundalini awakening symptoms or ascension symptoms. Personally, I did the same thing because I wasn’t sure about many things. What if my kundalini was already awakened due to a spontaneous event? If it was, then would I be required to practice kundalini yoga? Before I set out on this Odyssey, I wanted to know if that was required or was it going to be futile. So, with these questions in mind, I decided to look for some practical answers and decided to write down my findings.

Why should you awaken your Kundalini?

Kundalini energy is the cosmic energy that’s within us but lies dormant at the base of the spine. It is that energy which causes the formation of the fetus and is released into the universe when a person dies. Once activated, this energy creates a gateway through the crown chakra, connecting you to the unlimited energy of the universe. You can then tap into the potential of those energies and live a more wholesome life.

How to know if kundalini is awakened

Kundalini energy awakens either on its own or through the regular practice of kundalini yoga, which is a combination of Raja yoga and Vinyasa yoga. Spontaneous kundalini awakening occurs due to life changing events such as trauma, pain, nearness to death, or sexual intercourse with someone whose kundalini energy is already awakened. However, spontaneous awakening may cause the body to shake and jitter due to the unregulated movement of energies.

On the other hand, when you awaken your kundalini energy consciously, through the practice of kundalini yoga, the overall experience is exhilarating. Although this process requires more time and dedication, you reap its long-term benefits in the form of inner peace, tranquility, and stability.

Kundalini yoga involves a whole bunch of techniques such as ‘Kriyas’ or exercises, breathing patterns, and chants that help cleanse the seven chakras. Post cleansing, the practitioner must raise the energy from the base of the spine and ultimately radiate it into the universe through the seventh chakra, which is the crown chakra. This connects the practitioner with the energy of the universe.

Now that you know what awakens the kundalini energy, you are probably wondering how you would know if your kundalini energy is already active. So, here’s a comprehensive list of some of the most common kundalini awakening symptoms that most people experience.

What happens after kundalini awakening?

1. A sudden rush of energy

One of the most commonly experienced kundalini awakening symptoms includes a sudden rush of energy throughout the body. You begin to feel the energy oozing out of every cell of your body and feel desperate to exert it in some way or the other. Often times, this sudden rush is the outcome of spontaneous kundalini awakening, which causes energy within the body to flow haphazardly. This is one of the most common kundalini awakening physical symptoms.

So, you need to learn how you can manage it, which is only possible through meditation and kundalini yogic practices. Unless you regulate the kundalini energy, it could gradually make you restless and uneasy. For those who practice kundalini yoga, the kundalini awakening symptoms remain the same but since their bodies are well prepared to manage the energy flow, it is a smoother and pleasant experience.

2. Sharp pain in the neck and spine

Your neck and spine are the pathways through which you channelize the dormant kundalini energy, which is located at the base of the spine. So, when you begin doing that, this movement causes friction within your body. At times, your body may respond negatively which could show up in the form of sharp pain in the neck or the spine area. However, as you continue to practice kundalini yoga and learn to manage this energy, the pains gradually subside.

3. Sudden Headaches

If you just made out with someone with an active kundalini, then it is quite possible that you may experience frequent headaches. This happens due to the sudden connection established between the kundalini energy within you and that of the universe. It is your ‘Sahastrara Chakra’ or the Crown chakra that radiates kundalini energy into the universe, and in case of spontaneous awakening, this happens all of a sudden. If you have been experiencing this kundalini awakening symptom, then consider practicing kundalini yoga to regain control over your mind and body.

4. Experience Change in your sleep pattern

We sleep in order to replenish the body and to restore its vitality, however, those with an active kundalini don’t require much sleep. As a result, you begin to sleep lesser than you used to and find yourself wide awake around 3 AM. This is one of the most experienced kundalini awakening symptoms and is nothing to be afraid of. It only indicates that your body has now begun replenishing itself through the energies of the universe.

5. Feel Connected to nature

Do you feel happier in your backyard than inside your architect-designed living room? Do you feel more ‘at home’ when you are amid nature? Well, this is clearly a kundalini awakening symptom that you must take note of. Just like atoms of the same kind attract each other, so do energies. Your sudden closeness to nature is a clear indication that the energies of the universe are pulling you towards them. Consequently, you are attracted to the gifts of bountiful mother nature.

6. Sense of Detachment

Kundalini awakening gives you a sense of oneness with the entire universe, which liberates you from the possessive feelings that you may have developed over time. You begin to break free from the worldly pleasures and even start losing interest in material possessions. Instead, you begin to appreciate the inner peace and harmony that you experience.

7. Practice non-violence

We’ve all been brought up to believe that we need to have a “fighting spirit” and that it’s all about “survival of the fittest”. These strong beliefs make us restless and sometimes violent, but as you connect with the energies of the universe, you begin to transform into a more positive person.

In fact, the violent streak gradually disappears, and you begin to feel one with the universe and its creations. Also, you become more considerate towards other creatures, which may lead to a change in your lifestyle. It is not uncommon to hear about those who’ve turned vegan overnight, which is often the result of spontaneous kundalini awakening.

8. May develop ESP

Kundalini awakening symptoms also include heightened ability to perceive events well in advance, which the medical science refers to as Extra Sensory Perception or ESP. You may experience this is many ways — vivid dreams, intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, or in some other form. You develop this because of the connection that is established between your kundalini energy and that of the universe. This ability is one of the most prominent kundalini awakening symptoms.

9. Stronger Immune

When you activate the cosmic energy within your body, it is no longer dependent on material things for nourishment. Instead, the energies of the universe feed the soul and revive the body’s natural ability to heal itself by strengthening the immune system. Also, the cleansing process helps eliminate harmful energy blockages from your body, which ensures better health.

10. Desire to serve others

As you become one with the universe, you feel the sudden urge to be of service to others. Your life’s perspective changes, and you find yourself engaging in acts of selfless service. You may be more inclined towards volunteering and uplifting the lesser privileged, which is indeed a noble quality.

11. Begin to look younger

Radiant and youthful appearance is yet another kundalini awakening symptom, which is mainly caused due to a reduction in stress levels and internal cleansing. As we have already discussed, the primary stage of kundalini yoga practice involves cleansing the seven chakras or the energy centers in the body.

This involves getting rid of both physical and emotional baggage, which brings down the stress levels considerably. Post cleansing, you also attract life force energy into your body, which helps revive and revitalize your mind and body. As a result, it reduces skin damage and controls other signs of aging, which gives you a more youthful glow.

12. Appear Calm and Composed

Depending on how your kundalini is awakened — spontaneously or through the practice of kundalini yoga — you may experience temperamental changes. While those with a spontaneous awakening may initially experience emotional upheaval, things begin to settle down as they learn to manage the kundalini energy within them.

For those who awaken their kundalini energy through the practice of kundalini yoga, this kundalini awakening symptom develops gradually. Also, kundalini awakening makes you lighter on the inside as you learn to let go of everything that’s stressing you out — material possessions, relationships, past memories, etc… As you learn to let go, you stop stressing out about trivial things in life and adopt a more accepting attitude. This gives you absolute control over your emotions, which makes you more balanced and stable.

13. Begin to Attract Positive People and Things

Before I started practicing kundalini yoga, I attracted all the wrong people into my life who turned bitter and made my life miserable. These people miraculously disappeared from my life as I began my kundalini awakening Odyssey. Later, I came to realize that I had subconsciously attracted those negative people into my life.

Such people come into our lives because we tend to attract those with similar frequencies, but this changes soon after the kundalini energy is awakened. That’s because kundalini awakening elevates you and you begin to draw those with similar frequencies towards you. As a result, you begin to attract the right people into your life. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to attribute kundalini awakening to attracting positive people into my life.

14. Begin to sense energies

I have many times felt strongly attracted to or repelled by someone, simply because of their vibes. It is nothing that they may have particularly said or done, but just the vibes — this is yet another kundalini awakening symptom that I have personally experienced.

As your chakras are cleansed, you are elevated to another level of consciousness and begin to easily detect energies. In the initial stages, this may not be something that you can entirely explain, but ‘something’ that you can strongly sense. You can call it ‘a hunch’ or ‘sixth sense’ or ‘instinct’, but, in reality, this is just how the energy within you is studying the energy emitted by the other person.

15. Strong urge to make some big changes

Regardless of how you have lived all your life, your kundalini awakening moment is going to force you to make some massive changes to your lifestyle. You might want to simplify your lifestyle, declutter your relationships, change your dietary habits, or distance yourself from negative people (even if that includes some of your childhood besties) and start afresh. This transformation takes place because your energies are now purified and vibrate at a higher frequency.

16. Feel more connected to God

When your kundalini energy is activated, you begin to feel more connected to the almighty. This happens because there is only one cosmic energy that we connect to and depending on your faith and religion you may call this energy by different names. As you learn to let go, you stop stressing out about trivial things in life and adopt a more accepting attitude. This gives you absolute control over your emotions, which makes you more balanced and stable.


I have mentioned some of the most frequently experienced kundalini awakening symptoms. If you are confused about the status of the kundalini energy within you, consider discussing your symptoms with an experienced professional. Once you do that, your yoga coach would be in a better position to guide you through the process. However, the above mentioned symptoms and their impacts vary from one person to another and may not always be the same. Also, the magnitude of its impact differs, depending on how you regulate these energies within yourself.


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  1. Dearest Sir;

    In the very beginning i used to feel a sharp pain in my spine while practicing pranayam . This pain has already been vanquished. I have been practicing the same with utmost care these days. I feel unrelenting happiness inside while doing the same. But some times emotions to see thou lotus feet are hard to manage. I feel like I should do the practice all the time. Read Gita daily to have better outlook towards things.what should do in addition for my betterment…..kindly suggest.

  2. I want to attain a samadhi where i do not require food. I am here to quit everything but i want somebody to guide me.The gyan we had in previous yugas has vanished. I do not know where to go. whome to reach out to. I want to meditate and go into eternal piece. I have some secrets i cannot tell because they will consider me mad but it has happened to me. I feel i am near to god and i can quit anything to achieve it. I have known things which i cannot tell anybody because nobody would believe me nor i can put it properly in words. I feel like going into mountains and start meditating and i do not require any food for it. i will continue doing my meditation. everypoint you are written in this article has happened to me and probably surpassed beyond. I am beyond my own understanding now. I need to see someone rightaway. :/

      • Please can I described my symptoms to you probably it Kundalini or something else I did not even know but I know that have used numerous drugs and still yet have not seen changes

  3. This page is written by someone who has experienced the real joy of Khndalaini awakening through Sahaja yoga.
    Kundalini awakening, when done properly and with the blessing of a true guru, is the most joyful and loveful experience.
    Please try it through

    Wish you a happy awakening 😀

  4. I am here. Frightened. So detached. I began my spiritual journey 4 yrs ago, after trauma I had no choice but to turn inwards.
    Looking back, it was prob the best thing that could’ve happened, it opened me up.
    I am seeking resources to help alleviate this pain. I had no guidance, Kundalini sort of took over. I’m accepting and embracing but dont know how to explain this feeling…seeking answers. Thanks for this article.

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