How to Open Your Third Eye or Pineal Gland 

You have probably heard of the term “sixth sense,” referring to extrasensory perception or awareness. Some say that this ability can be found between one’s eyes, and it is known as Ajna (“third eye”). 

Erica Matluck, a naturopathic doctor and the founder of Seven Senses, is of the view that, the third eye is a spiritual center in our head that allows us to see what lies ahead. It’s associated with the pineal and pituitary glands in your brain, which are located right between two brows of yours. 

She further says that the third eye is the seat of perception and awareness. It is also responsible for focusing on what you are looking at, which helps to cultivate deep concentration. 

The third eye chakra is a spiritual centre in the brain that allows you to see beyond what is physically present. The Seers, Reiki Masters, and psychics typically have the tendency to look through the third eye and have access to visions or sensations from other realms. 

The Ways to Open Your Third Eye: 

Opening the third eye is said to be opening up a gateway into higher consciousness. It is important, then, that you ground yourself before attempting this spiritual practice. There are many beliefs about the best way to open your third eye. 

Some say that it should be done in a calm, meditative state with all other chakras opened prior if you want accurate information from higher consciousnesses like latent healers or intuitive readers who have access beyond the five senses. 

Some traditions emphasize taking time for this process so as not only to establish grounding but also to make sure there is enough capacity available for such insights. 

Candice Covington, the author of ‘Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice’, recommends the following few steps to open your third eye: 

  • Meditation and practice chanting 
  • Sungazing 
  • Make use of essential oils 
  • Supplement your diet 
  • Use crystals 

Tips to Open Your Third Eye: 

We have collated a list of several beneficial tips that will help you tremendously in opening the third eye. Take a look below: 

Focus on Your Dreams: 

We see dreams of all types. Sometimes they are confusing, disorienting, and horrifying. But you do not have to shrug those dreams all the time. Instead, pay attention to them and look for the signs. They will definitely help you in opening your third eye. 

Dr. Matluck is of the view that, ‘Pay attention to your dreams. Write them down, remember them, and listen to them.’ 

They will help you perceive what is beyond comprehension and belongs to other realms.  

The Breathwork: 

Holotropic breathwork has been used for thousands of years by cultures around the world to open the third eye. Therefore, this practice is quite beneficial. Moreover, Dr. 

Matluck also emphasizes this practice for opening your sixth chakra. 

Supplement Your Diet: 

Covington believes that diet can play an effective role in opening your third eye. According to her, inculcating some food in your daily regimen might be quite helpful like:

  • Vitamin D3 
  • Raw cacao 
  • Honey 
  • Watermelon 
  • Garlic 
  • Lemon 
  • Coconut oil 
  • Ginseng 
  • Hemp seed 
  • Cilantro 

All of these things are the ones that purify the pineal gland. So, including these ingredients in your food, every day might help a great deal since the process of opening the third eye is associated with this gland, 

Sound Healing: 

The power of sound is undeniable; it can bring great healing and open up your third eye. Serena Poon, a Reiki master is of the view that, sound healing and tone generation is a great way to open your third eye. It can be used in meditation, but it also has many other applications for opening up all kinds of energy centres within the body. 

Consult a Reiki Master: 

The process of opening the third eye is not possible without healing yourself. For this purpose, you can go to healers or Reiki masters to help you bring peace within yourself and then practice this process. 

In this regard, Poon says, ‘working with healers, receiving Reiki and energy work is a great idea to open up your third eye. You can also do spiritual development or meditation in order for you mind be at its most receptive state.’

Dr. Matluck elaborated by giving an insight on meditation that, when meditating, focus your attention on the point between one’s brows. Simply observe what images or thoughts arise with clarity and intimacy at once.

Practice Meditation: 

Meditation is a great way to open your third eye. In addition, it has been shown in studies as an effective method for increasing brainwave speeds and achieving relaxation. For this purpose, you can either go for mindfulness meditation or transcendental meditation. 

Some Other Ways: 

Besides the ways mentioned above for opening the third eye, you can also try: 

  • Tapping 
  • Meditation with crystals 
  • Nutritious diet 
  • Daily yoga and exercises 

The Final Takeaway: 

The third eye is a topic that’s often discussed in connection with the Pineal Gland. However, there’s no scientific evidence for its existence so far – at least not enough to indicate how or what this supposed sixth sense may work. 

However, according to various promising studies, the third eye is a point of balance in your body, between mind and spirit. It is believed that an open third eye can lead to enhance cognitive and perceptive abilities as well as intuitive insights. 

In this article, we have discussed several techniques and ways that you can follow to open your third eye. These are approved by great Reiki masters and healers. So, you can take inspiration from them and start your journey in self-recognition and enhanced lifestyle. 

Hasna Suhail

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