Grounding Meditation Script

Oftentimes we hear the phrase “stay grounded”. Yes, it means to stay connected to your roots from where you’ve emerged and reached the pinnacle of success that you’re at currently. But it means to establish a deep connection with the Mother Earth of which we all are a part of. And because, like our own birth mother, the Mother Earth is also reverent, it helps to be grateful to Her for all She endows us with – crops to feed on, land to sit and sleep on, and above all (unlike other planets) – a safe shelter to reside in. 

What best way to express one’s gratitude than through meditation? A simple yet highly effective act of closing your physical eyes but opening those of the mind. A way to be thankful to the divine for all those things around us that we often tend to ignore in our busy routines but which deserve due credit for our very existence. One of these is the earth, the ground that bears the burden of the entire world on its shoulders. Here we present a short yet extremely powerful guided grounding meditation script to feel and stay rooted.

What is Grounding?

Before we begin explaining the meditation technique, here’s what we mean by grounding. It’s an act wherein we pull energy from our environment, taking care that we don’t shed off our own. This is because we all have enormous energy (both positive and negative) which must remain balanced. When we unload too much of any kind of energy into the environment, there are bound to be repercussions. And this is where grounding meditation helps to stay centered, keep the energy balance in place and, most important, stay connected with the revered Mother Earth.

How to Prepare for Grounding Meditation?

As the name explains, this particular meditation is supposed to be carried out above the earth, literally. It’s therefore recommended to do it barefoot. You can either do it directly on land, on the beach or even in a meadow, wherever you feel the most comfortable and connected to nature.

There’s also a scientific reason behind doing it barefoot. Shoes generally have rubber soles which tend to cut off the electric flow of energy from the body to the earth. Being barefoot, on the other hand, helps enhance this connection with the omnipresent and eternal healing power of the earth, deepening the resulting effects of the meditation. Besides, staying barefoot is an ancient practice carried out by the early men which made them feel more rooted and connected to Mother Earth.

Free Grounding Meditation Script

Here’s how to go about grounding meditation. Remember, just like any other meditative practice, this one would also yield the desirable effects when given sufficient time. Doing it hurriedly is neither relaxing nor helpful.

  • Stand on the ground barefoot with your feet parallel to the shoulders. Keep the tips of the feet slightly pointed inward. Doing so, your knees would be slightly bent and the kneecap in line with the tip of the foot. 
  • Keep your upper half of the body and the hips erect; however, the hips should feel loose. Leave the arms to the side of the body. Keep the head straight in line with the rest of the body.
  • Let your facial features stay loosened up and relaxed. You may open your mouth slightly and close it back to normal. This is basically done in an endeavor to find which part of the face muscles are experiencing tension.  
  • Rotate the neck gently to relax the torso. 
  • Close your eyes and as you make a few neck rotations, imagine a vertical axis, a thread-like object entering the top of the head, moving along the spine, and then falling to weight via the center of the hip and pelvic area on to the ground. 
  • Start breathing slow and deep, bringing your attention to every breath as you do so. However, the attention must be natural and effortless; simply observe each breath as it goes in and out.
  • Stay in the rooting position for a minute or two before starting a circular breathing pattern, with no pause or break between inhaling and exhaling.
  • As you do so, gently bring your attention to the spine area, which is erect, focusing the energy of the first chakra, your root. Then move on to the feet as they’re placed firmly on the ground. 
  • Imagine that from your feet below start growing roots upward; they slowly rise and intertwine around your legs. As you feel so, imagine yourself turning into a tree, feel your own body heat and energy getting even stronger and prominent. Also imagine the power of the Mother Earth rising and passing through this tree and flowing straight into yourself. Feel this flow and try to control it with your breathing. 
  • Once you feel well-rooted, gently shift the focus along with your hands on the fourth chakra. Now whenever you feel ready, take a deep breath and slowly open your eyes. 

Tips for Amplifying Your Grounding Experience

Be grateful all the while you meditate. Thank Mother Earth for all that you receive from Her every minute of the day. Keep a gentle smile on your face as you practice this meditation. It’d feel even more beautiful and enjoyable. It also helps to connect the human body to the divine faster.

Choose a time and place that suits you the best. Different people feel relaxed and at ease with themselves at different times of the day, which is perfectly ok. Choose your own timing but try and be regular with your practice around the same time for best results. Also, choose a place and time where you’re least likely to get distracted. 

Invest enough time into the practice, especially as a beginner. Once you get better with practice, you can choose your own time limit for the same. Meditation is an art that deserves regular practice for perfection.

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