Gratitude Meditation Script

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Anonymous

A keen look at this statement reveals the truth behind our everyday race to acquire and possess more. Sometimes it’s important to just stop running and simply feel grateful for what you already have. Gratefulness doesn’t necessarily have to be an act of praying with folded hands before the Almighty; it can very simply be an emotion that fills your heart with joy.

Or, it can also be a few minutes (maybe just 5) every day of sitting with eyes closed, not to pray for anything more, but to feel happy, satisfied and thankful for what you already have. A simple act that we call gratitude meditation. Because sometimes it’s important to just “be” with yourself and feel grateful for what and who you are and what you have. If you don’t know where to begin this beautiful journey, the guided gratitude meditation script below will help you.

Preparing For Gratitude Meditation

We’ve tried and simplified how to go about following this extremely simple yet beautiful journey into ourselves, which we call gratitude meditation. Hope this helps to begin. Of course, as you get better with everyday practice, you can always discover your own ways and techniques that work best for you. The ultimate aim is to feel connected and one with the universe.

  • Seat yourself comfortably wherever you wish – on the floor or on a chair – whatever can help feel you the most relaxed. Make sure that your posture allows you to sit for a while without experiencing pain and discomfort.
  • Choose a time that’s the most convenient. Remember that this is your “me time” – the few minutes of the day that are yours to enjoy. And once you experience this beautiful meditation, you’d agree. Don’t be in a hurry to start and finish the act because you have to jump to something soon after. Keep a time when you know you’re least likely to be distracted.

Gratitude Meditation Script

Once you’re ready (you can take your own time with this; no hurry), start the following step by step, again taking your own relaxed time as you go through each of them.

  • Start relaxing your body slowly, starting with your shoulders, all the way down. You can keep your arms by the side of your knees, palms open and facing upward. Close your eyes and start taking slow and deep breaths in through the nose and exhale them through the mouth.
  • After a few breaths, once you feel relaxed and at ease with yourself, begin to draw your attention to the world around you – the people and situations both. Try and feel grateful for all of them and as you do so, experience the universe embracing you in its arms, making you feel that the world is a safe place. 
  • Now imagine embracing yourself, your mind, your body and your feelings.You need to stop right here in order to just feel and work with your own energy and nurture your passions – all that you love and feel strongly about.
  • Imagine and feel the warmth of lit candles around you, taking them to be your guiding light, leading you on to the right path gently and carefully.
  • Be in the present moment, feeling connected all the time. Remind yourself that you’re capable of enjoying the little things that you have and you don’t really need anything more. Say to yourself in your mind that you already possess all that’s needed to spend your time in this life and now you just have to make the most of this time.
  • It’s natural to experience some negative emotions too during meditation. These might arise over seemingly unachieved goals or desires. Accept them fully and feel grateful for even those because they exist to let you know that there are indeed other happy things to be thankful for. Take your mind towards them. 
  • Remind yourself that YOU have been gifted by the sense to feel, more than anything else. You can feel the world around, your emotions, the difference between good and bad – so feel grateful for this sense organ gifted by the Almighty. 
  • There’s so much in the world around you to be thankful for, most important, a house – a place that you turn into home with all the things and people you love. As you thank and feel grateful for your home, feel its warmth, the energy that surrounds you, and its positive vibes that keep you safe from the negative energy outside those four walls.Know that your home always has your back.
  • This is also the best time to be grateful for all the things that you fail to notice around you, possibly because you’re always engrossed in the crazy rat race every single day. Take time to acknowledge their presence in the world around you, remember how they make you feel, and express gratitude for their existence. 

In essence, it’s all about acknowledging everything around you which you can see and also which you either can’t (the divine) or fail to notice (because of busy routine). It’s time we feel grateful for everything. And, it’s also the time to remind yourself that the endless, persistent pursuit of this and that needs to be quietened. What we don’t have needs to be ignored and what we already do needs to be acknowledged and expressed gratitude for. 

Wrapping Up

This guided gratitude meditation script is only intended to be a ‘help note’ to begin this beautiful journey. Once you’re on this path and get familiar with incorporating this routine into your daily life, you may choose your own ways to feel grateful to the higher power that exists. All that matters is that you know that you're already there where you should be at this very moment. There’s nothing more left to be searched for. Now, it’s just gratitude time for what already exists so far.

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