Full Moon Meditation Script

If you’ve ever experienced closing your eyes for just a few minutes in a day, trying to shut your mind off the marathon of all-day work that you keep running, you know the feeling. If you haven’t, try it. It’s the closest to what we call ‘bliss’. Now imagine sitting this way for 10-15 minutes every single day – deliberately shutting yourself out (consciously; not in sleep). You’d have no idea what it can do to your mind until you experience the joy of meditation.

Meditation as a spiritual practice or technique has gained immense popularity the world over today, though its existence dates back to centuries. More so because now people realize that it isn’t a heavy task requiring effort; it’s just closing your eyes and experiencing the joys that unfold – relaxation of the mind and body and a boost in physical and mental energy that knows no bounds. 

What is Full Moon Meditation?

Now we understand that doing this simple act 15 minutes daily can bring immense benefits to physical, mental and emotional health. The power of this technique grows massively especially on full moon nights and there’s a scientific explanation for this. A full moon occurs towards the end of each monthly lunar cycle (when the moon gradually grows the whole month until it becomes full). Likewise, our own thought patterns, habits and the energies that surround them also tend to reach their climax in sync with the full moon.

How Does This Meditation Help?

The moon cycles every month are known to enhance an individual’s ability to discover and express the ‘real them’. They also serve as a great spiritual tool to help let go of the old and make way for the new.Practicing meditation on a full moon night each month and tapping into this extremely powerful natural source can help one begin life from a fresh, clearer perspective – make new inroads into success. It’s also an excellent time to release all negative thoughts and energy that envelops the mind and pulls you back from manifesting your dreams and aspirations. 

How To Prepare For Full Moon Meditation:

  • Think about stuff in your life that you’d really like to change. It’s very important to be clear in your mind and honest to yourself about what you want to let go of and be healed deep within. You can even make a list of all the things (if they’re many) which you aren’t consciously happy about – habits, repetitive thoughts or behavioral patterns. 
  • Make a list of the people you wish to forgive for the hurt they may have caused you, knowingly or otherwise. You can go as far in the past as you’d like and look for people/relationships that you want to let go of.
  • The best time to practice this particular meditation is on the full moon night and, if possible, outside right under the moonlight. However, this isn’t mandatory if not possible. Being comfortable with yourself wherever you are is most important.
  • You can light a candle or incense sticks to get into the mood, if you so wish. For some people, it works to keep their lists with them during the meditation and at the end, tear them up and burn them with the candle as a symbol of letting go.
  • You can sit on a chair or over a large cushion if you aren’t comfortable directly on the floor. Remember to choose a place where you’re unlikely to be disturbed or get distracted for a while.

Free Guided Full Moon Meditation Script

  1. Close your eyes and take a few slow and deep breaths in and out.
  1. Become aware yet comfortable with the space around you. Become aware of your entire body – feel your body weight on the floor/chair that you’re sitting on, feel the position of your hands as they rest in your lap or on your sides. Be in the moment and let go of all thoughts in your mind.
  1. Continue to inhale and exhale, relaxing your face and jaw as you do so. Let your muscles relax and let go of all the worries and to-do tasks that have been done and remain to be done. Just be in the present state of mind and place your trust in the glowing light and powerful energy emanated by the full moon.
  1. As you become aware of each body part, look for specific areas of tension or pain that you may experience. Just observe them and keep breathing.
  1. Imagine a powerful white and silver beam shining down from the top of your head. Allow your entire being to get soaked up in the pure and serene energy of this loving light.
  1. Slowly start thinking of what you want to let go of in life. Let those thoughts stay in your mind for a moment; you can also imagine them in the form of a color or object floating before you.
  1. Now say this in your mind or aloud if you wish – “I release you under the light of this sacred and magical full moon. I no longer need what does not serve or empower me.” While you say so, imagine all the undesirable things, habits, people, behaviors, and thought patterns disappearing in the full and powerful gleam of the moon.

Now say this in your mind:

I release this unworthiness

I release this doubt

I release this fear and anger

I release resentment

I release judgment

I release envy and comparisons

I release relationships that do not serve me

I release toxic people and situations

Imagine each of these things getting released from your life and being absorbed by the full moon light and its powerful deep-cleansing potential. Feel light and relaxed as you let go. 

This guided full moon meditation script is just an aid; meditation perfects with regular practice. Its blissful benefits may not always show up the first time but as you keep doing it every full moon night, it’ll only get better and beautiful.
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