Chakra Meditation Script

If you’ve ever attended a yoga class or taken a meditation course, you’d have heard your instructor say, “Take your attention to each of the seven chakras in your body.” That’s when a bell rings – what are these chakras? Here we talk about the 7 chakras, their role in our bodies, and the purpose that chakra meditation serves. We’d also present a detailed guided chakra meditation script so that meditation enthusiasts can avail the multiple benefits of this practice in their lives. But first a brief on what chakras really are.

What are Chakras?

The word “chakra” is derived from Sanskrit, literally translating to wheel or disk in English. However, in the spiritual sense, the same word is used to refer to a focal energy point or center in the human body. These energy centers generally relate to specific body organs and are considered responsible for invigorating these body parts. They also help regulate the smooth flow of pranaor life force energy into the body, without which the latter may disintegrate or die out.

How Many Chakras are Present in the Body?

The human body consists of 7 chakras, all of which facilitate the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of an individual. Following are the names of these chakras:

  1. Muladhar Chakra or Root Chakra – situated at the tip of the tailbone
  2. Swadhishthan Chakra or Sacral Chakra – situated approx. 1 inch below the level where the pubic hairline begins
  3. Manipur Chakra or Navel Chakra – situated at the navel
  4. Anahat Chakra or Heart Chakra – situated in the middle of the chest
  5. Vishuddha Chakra or Throat Chakra – situated in the throat area
  6. Adnya Chakra or Brow Chakra – situated at the midpoint between the two eyebrows
  7. Sahasrar Chakra or Crown Chakra – energy point situated at the tip of the skull

What is chakra meditation?

Since these 7 chakras play a pivotal role in harmonizing the energy flows in and out of the body, it’s important to keep them balanced. For this, chakra meditation can be extremely helpful. This spiritual practice aims at releasing negative energies out of the body, purifying their base points in the process. In other words, chakra meditation helps restore balance and positive energy into all the 7 chakras.

Chakra Meditation Script

If you’re a beginner to chakra meditation, this guided script is a great way to get started. Just make sure that you practice this at a time and location comfortable to you. Don’t be in a hurry to finish the act or arrive at the desired results. Like any other meditation, chakra meditation will also take time and regular practice to get perfect and reap its maximum benefits.

  • Sit comfortably either on the floor or on a chair, couch, or bed – basically anywhere that makes you feel at ease with yourself and keeps you pain-free for a while.
  • Imagine that a ray of light is entering from the crown of your head, where the 7th chakra, the Crown Chakra, is situated. This chakra goes right down through the central energy channel, parallel to the spine, on to the 1st chakra, the Root Chakra.
  • Now imagine in your mind how this beam slowly turns red and covers the first chakra. Take a deep breath as you keep your attention fixed on the point where this chakra is located. Imagine that the air you inhale and exhale is also red in color. 
  • Start visualizing how the Root Chakra is gradually releasing all the negative stagnant energies from the body and making way for fresh positive flow of energy. 
  • Now imagine this energy to move up to the second chakra, below the navel area. Think of it to be an orange-colored light – pure energy. Mentally clean this energy to unblock it of all negativity and make it spin around.
  • Now moving on the third chakra for which you focus on the color yellow. Imagine that the color is growing in intensity and allow yourself to feel its strong vibrations in each part of your body. Imagine that you’re able to breathe the yellow color. Imagine yourself to be getting filled up with this color as you feel deep inside its clarity and growing awareness, making you feel stronger and confident than before. 
  • Move up to the 4th body chakra. Breathe in a very pure emerald green light and feel it entering your body. Imagine it settling down and then again expanding into your heart. Make an effort to expand this light further from your heart into your entire being. Let the light envelop you,imagine the light spreading around until you feel that you’ve become the light. 
  • Gently take your attention to the 5th chakra where you can imagine the color of the sky and sea – blue. Feel that this color lies within yourself. Starting from the throat, let this color spread the positive energy of truth, purity, cleanliness, and peace around you. See this light, feel its energy all around you.
  • Moving up to the 6th chakra which is also called the third-eye chakra, owing to its positioning between the brows. Allow the vibrations of this chakra to work in a calm but powerful color – indigo – which is also taken to be the color of wisdom, knowledge, and spirituality.
  • The last chakra left to be covered is at your crown where you imagine the white energy spinning around the chakra point. Visualize and feel this pristine light unblocking this last chakra, making way for the negative energies to exit your body.
  • Keep breathing naturally and relax your body with every breath.
  • When you feel ready and totally relaxed, open your eyes softly.

Remember that this guided chakra meditation script doesn’t intend to search for positive energy outside. That energy is already present within each of us. We just need this practice to release the negative energy time and again to allow for free flow of positive energy for a happier and healthier mind and body. 

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