Chakra Cleansing: Balance Your Seven Chakras

Chakra cleansing tends to happen when one or all seven of the chakras are out of balance or feel out of balance. It’s a common practice used when someone recognises the signs of a chakra that is not balanced. Techniques are then done to assist you in pushing away what’s holding you back and blocking your chakras. 

It’s not always so easy to tell when they are out of balance, where they are, or what they even do sometimes. If you’re not sure what a chakra is or where they are then how are you supposed to know when they need cleansing? Here’s a summary of chakra cleansing and why you should cleanse them.

What are Chakras

Chakras are the seven energy centres within everyone’s body. They go from the crown of the head all the way to the sacrum and energy flows all through them. When one is blocked or not ‘cleansed’ regularly then it’s said that the energy in that area too gets blocked. The chakras allow for a free flow of energy throughout the body so that people can exist at their fullest potential. 

Each chakra controls the prana (life force energy) in that area. When prana runs freely in that energy centre, it means that centre is grounded and strong. This would therefore make you stronger as well. There are seven main chakras but overall, there are 114 centres, which are spread out across the body. The seven chakras are the ones that control the most important energy centres in the body.

Description of Each Chakra 

1. Starting at the bottom, there’s the root chakra

This energy centre is located at the base of the spine and controls confidence and the feeling of being grounded. The chakra is red in colour and when it’s open, you’ll be at your peak confidence.

2. The next is your sacral chakra

This chakra is based just below your navel area. It’s orange in colour and controls creativity and sexual energy. When this energy centre is open, you’ll feel endless creative energy within you.

3. Solar plexus chakra

This energy centre is placed in the upper abdomen area. It’s yellow in colour and signifies fire. This chakra is all about how you think of yourself, your self-esteem, and your worth. When it’s open, you will feel like you can fully express your true self.

4. Heart chakra

This is arguably the most important chakra, with the strongest energy flow. Based exactly where your heart is, it radiates the colour green, and it controls love and compassion. When it’s open, you will feel the full extent of empathy.

5. The fifth is the throat chakra

This chakra is light blue in colour, based at the throat, and controls the ability to communicate clearly. When it’s open, you will be able to stand your ground and say what you feel.

6. The sixth is based on your forehead, the third-eye chakra

This energy centre is dark purple in colour and controls your wisdom and intuition. When it’s open, you will be in connection with the divine.

7. The last is the crown chakra

This one technically isn’t in the body, it’s right above the head. It’s violet in colour and controls your consciousness. When it’s open, you will be fully aware and enlightened.

Why Cleanse Your Chakras

When one or more of the chakras are blocked, the energy stops running freely. This means that the mind, body, and spirit would be out of sync. One of the main reasons you would want your mind, body, and spirit to be in sync is so that there is harmony within you.

When an energy centre is blocked, it’s like havoc within that area and you will feel low energy whether that be physically, mentally, or both. Some centres remain blocked for so long that they begin to show up in a physical ailment instead of a simple sensation. When all the centres are open and energy is flowing, you will feel your best and be working at the highest vibration possible.

How to Know if Your Chakras are Out of Balance

Each chakra has different duties, therefore an imbalance in them shows up in different ways too. It’s all about knowing the individual chakras and where the energy does or does not show up. For instance, the throat chakra is about communication so if you’re feeling like you can’t state how you feel or verbally stand up for yourself, it means that chakra is blocked.

Another example is the heart chakra, if you find it difficult to be there for others or sympathise with them, it means that the heart chakra is blocked. You may only notice an energy centre is blocked when the physical symptoms show up instead of feeling the emotional and spiritual symptoms. An easy way to ensure that doesn’t happen is to regularly cleanse the chakras and check in with them.

How to Balance Your Seven Chakras

An extremely easy way of ensuring your chakras remain open and balanced is by doing chakra-focused meditations. These often go deep into the energy centres and focus on each individual one until the energy is flowing through them all. Yoga is also a great way to open these energy centres. There are yoga sequences that focus on individual chakras and opening them. 

Similarly, there are also yoga flows that focus on all seven of the chakras at once. It depends on what you are needing at the time and what you want to focus on. Doing a general chakra meditation once a week will help you to feel what is not in alignment and what needs extra attention. It’s an easy way to check in with yourself and balance your energy.


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