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Yoga Types

What Is Yoga? In today’s world, there are hundreds of styles of yoga. There are types and styles and substyles even cross overs. However, there are major types of yoga that all the other varieties stem from.  The word yoga is Sanskrit for union or unite. There are many ways to practice yoga however most […]

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Yin Yoga Origin and Poses

Have you tried to meditate, only to be met with the common frustrations of buzzing feet, sore shins, or a stiff back? Are you looking for a more restorative style of yoga to compliment your athletic Hatha or Ashtanga practice? Look, we’ve all been there. You light a little incense, turn on some relaxing music, and […]

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What is Ashtanga Yoga?

Are you looking to start yoga, but have no idea where to start? Have you looked up yoga studios close to your house and office, only to be met with a bunch of foreign terms and styles? Have you ever heard the phrases “Vinyasa Yoga” or “Ashtanga Yoga” thrown around, but have no clue what […]

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