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Spiritual Meaning of Mermaids Explained

If you’re an 80s baby like me, then you grew up watching “The Little Mermaid”. If you did, then the concept of mermaids has long taken residence in your psyche. Even if you haven’t, chances are rare that anybody wouldn’t have heardof them in several of our mythological stories, even children’s fairy tales, which kids […]

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Spiritual Meaning of Color White

When we talk of colors, white is seldom mentioned possibly because a lot of people live under the misconception that white doesn’t fit into the color category. They aren’t to be entirely blamed, actually. Well, that’s exactly what they’ve grown up learning – right from the kindergarten days when the teacher handed over blank white […]

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Spiritual Meaning of Balloons

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we think of organizing a party? Balloons of course! Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or anniversary; Balloons have managed to find their way into every occasion since we were kids. It’s no wonder they have a special place in so many of our hearts.  Why do […]

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