Body Scan Meditation Script

In the crazy rat race that we’re so actively involved in all day and night, we hardly stop to pay attention. Not to the work that we obviously need to focus on all through the day but to other equally important things around us. Things that matter the most. Our body and mind, to begin with. Of course, looking at yourself in the mirror once in the morning is not called “being mindful” of it. And what about the mind? We hardly pay attention to the turbulence of events all day, too busy getting swayed away with the flow.

This is where spiritual practices like meditation play a magical role. Just a few minutes of taking a break from the hustle-bustle of mundane life and closing your eyes can help you become mindful, not to forget, lend total relaxation to the mind and body. And before you jump to say the clichéd expression, “Where’s does the time go?” let us tell you that you can do so in just 3 minutes!

Yes, you read it right. By following the guided body scan meditation script given in this post, you can reap immense benefits from a simple meditation technique, all in just 3 minutes of your day! So why wait? Let’s get started.

Body Scan Meditation Script

Here’s a free script to guide you through this meditation technique if you’re just starting out as a beginner. This is a relatively simpler practice than other types of meditation and is easier to follow and implement. Regular practice of the same can help energize each part of the body, offering complete relaxation to the muscles by relieving tension therein, and also increase the mind’s ability to focus.

Note that the body scan meditation can be done in any body posture that you’re most comfortable with. You can do it sitting down on the floor, on the chair, or even lying down. The idea is to be at ease with yourself the maximum because you’re in it to relax and let go. So whatever posture suits your comfort level the most, just go for it. 

However, this guided script is intended towards performing the meditation in sitting posture. But as mentioned, you can follow this guided body scan meditation script to perform the act in any posture of your wish. So let’s begin.

  1. Sit down comfortably, preferably cross-legged on the floor, but if you aren’t comfortable that way, you can use a chair with back support. A large meditation cushion can also be helpful. 
  1. Close your eyes and gently bring your mind’s attention to your body. Start by becoming aware of your body in the sitting posture. Feel your body weight on the chair or on the floor, wherever it is that you’re sitting.
  1. Breathe deeply and relax as much as possible. With each deep breath, take in more oxygen to invigorate the body. While exhaling too, feel a sense of deep relaxation.
  2. Start by focusing your mind on the feet, notice that they’re placed on the floor. Feel the sensations of your feet as they touch the floor, their weight on the ground, the pressure they exert, the vibrations they exude, and the heat they emanate on the earth.
  1. Now move up to your legs, notice that they’re placed against the chair (if you’re seated on one). Feel their pressure, pulsation and weight.
  2. Move up to the spine and feel your back leaning against the chair. 
  1. Now shift your focus gently to the belly area. Feel the sensations in your stomach. If it is tightened or tense, let it loose and take another deep breath.
  1. Focus your attention on the hands. Do they lie on your thighs or in your lap? If they too feel tense or tight, are clasped or folded, gently let them loose, allowing them to relax.
  1. Move up to the arms and bring your attention to any sensations that you experience in the arms. Also notice your shoulders and loosen them up if they’re stiff.
  1. Focus on the neck and throat area. Soften them up too, allowing to relax.
  1. Relax your jaw muscles too. Focus attention on your face and experience the sensations in your facial muscles. If they too feel stiff, allow them to relax.
  1. Now become aware of your entire body as it remains seated. The quick scan has been done, now’s the time to just observe and become aware of the whole body as it is present. Take another deep breath. 
  1. Whenever you feel ready, breathe deeply and with a soft smile on your face, gently open your eyes. You don’t need to hurry through this. You can take your own time as much as you wish to enjoy being in this state of mindful consciousness. After all, it’s only rare that you get this chance to be aware even with eyes closed. 

Benefits of Body Scan Meditation

At the end of this 3-minute practice, you’d experience immense energy filling up your entire body, invigorating you from deep within. And this energy naturally gets exuded in all tasks that you carry out in your routine or with the people you come in touch with during the day. 

At a more deeper level, the practice is extremely helpful in bringing the mind to the present moment. This very moment is all that’s real – not the past or the future over which we have no control. We can only improve our present in order to experience joy and contentment. And sadly, we rarely focus on this present, thanks to the mysterious ways the mind works.

Practicing guided body scan meditation regularly can help enhance the mind’s focus, increase attentiveness, and make you self-aware of your entire body and the mind. Becoming mindful of life’s minute events even in daily routine can take you a long way in improving the way you approach them. You’d experience an amazing sense of ease going about these tasks, way better than before. 

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