Big Toe Pose

What is Big Toe Pose:

This standing pose has an inversion element to it, while gently stretching the entire backside of your body. The inversion can help shift your perspective and help you relax. This can also be a great resting pose during a vinyasa-type flow.

Basics of Big Toe Pose


  • Lower Back
  • Hips
  • Pelvis
  • Quds
  • Hamstrings
  • Arches of feet



Sanskrit Name: 


Benefits of Big Toe Pose

Big Toe Pose releases tension in your lower back and provides a deep stretch in your hamstrings and calves. It stretches your hip flexors and stimulates digestion, your liver, and your kidneys. This pose can also help with anxiety and insomnia and relieve stress. 

How to do Big Toe Pose

 Step by Step instructions

  1. Stand with your feet hips with, or wider apart.
  2. Reach your hands up to the ceiling then start to bend over at your hips in a controlled manner.
  3. Wrap your peace fingers around your big toe and gently pull your head closer to the mat.
  4. Keep your knees straight, but don’t lock them, keep them soft

Common Mistakes

  • Straining to touch your toes
  • Locking your knees
  • Not having your feet wide enough

Beginners’ Tips

  • If you can’t touch your toes easily, use a yoga strap or shirt placed under your toes


  • Neck and/or lower back injuries


  • Bring your feet as wide as your mat
  • Keeping your peace fingers around your big toes you can halfway lift to a flat back as you inhale
  • Bring your hands up and over your head
  • Bend deeply into one knee and then switch to the other

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