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Chakra Meditation Script

Today we’ll talk about the 7 chakras, their role in our bodies, and the the way doing a chakra meditation helps those chakras. Also, and the real reason you’re here, a detailed guided chakra meditation script so that you can enjoy the numerous benefits of activating each of your chakras. But first a brief intro […]

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Body Scan Meditation Script

​In the crazy rat race that we’re so actively involved in all day and night, we hardly stop to pay attention. Not to the work that we obviously need to focus on all through the day but to other equally important things around us. Things that matter the most. Our body and mind, to begin […]

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Gratitude Meditation Script

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – AnonymousA keen look at this statement reveals the truth behind our everyday race to acquire and possess more. Sometimes it’s important to just stop running and simply feel grateful for what you already have. Gratefulness doesn’t necessarily have to be an act of praying with folded hands […]

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Grounding Meditation Script

Oftentimes we hear the phrase “stay grounded”. Yes, it means to stay connected to your roots from where you’ve emerged and reached the pinnacle of success that you’re at currently. But it means to establish a deep connection with the Mother Earth of which we all are a part of. And because, like our own […]

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Full Moon Meditation Script

If you’ve ever experienced closing your eyes for just a few minutes in a day, trying to shut your mind off the marathon of all-day work that you keep running, you know the feeling. If you haven’t, try it. It’s the closest to what we call ‘bliss’. Now imagine sitting this way for 10-15 minutes […]

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Spiritual Meaning of Mermaids Explained

If you’re an 80s baby like me, then you grew up watching “The Little Mermaid”. If you did, then the concept of mermaids has long taken residence in your psyche. Even if you haven’t, chances are rare that anybody wouldn’t have heardof them in several of our mythological stories, even children’s fairy tales, which kids […]

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Spiritual Meaning of Wisdom Teeth Explained

If you’ve ever sat on a dentist’s chair to get your painful wisdom teeth pulled out, you’d perhaps disregard the very thought that there can be anything spiritual associated with them. You aren’t wrong there because after all, you’ve been the pain-bearer. But before you brush aside wisdom teeth as something which isn’t useful to […]

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Spiritual Meaning of Color White

When we talk of colors, white is seldom mentioned possibly because a lot of people live under the misconception that white doesn’t fit into the color category. They aren’t to be entirely blamed, actually. Well, that’s exactly what they’ve grown up learning – right from the kindergarten days when the teacher handed over blank white […]

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5 Best Yoga Blankets

Yoga blankets are extremely versatile and can be used for several purposes. You could spread it on your yoga mat for additional comfort or use it as a bolster to support various parts of your body while performing difficult yoga poses such as ‘Savasana’ or the Death pose and ‘Ardha Chakrasana’ or the Half Wheel […]

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