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Chakra Meditation Script

Today we’ll talk about the 7 chakras, their role in our bodies, and the the way doing a chakra meditation helps those chakras. Also, and the real reason you’re here, a detailed guided chakra meditation script so that you can enjoy the numerous benefits of activating each of your chakras. But first a brief intro […]

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Body Scan Meditation Script

 In this crazy rat race, many of us find it difficult to stop and pay attention. Not for work that we obviously need to focus on but for other things that are equally as important. Things that are key to our being! To begin with, our body and mind. Of course, looking at yourself every […]

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Gratitude Meditation Script

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Anonymous A keen look at this statement reveals the truth behind our everyday race to acquire and possess more. Sometimes it’s important to stop running and simply feel grateful for what you already have. Gratefulness doesn’t necessarily have to be an act of praying with folded hands before […]

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Grounding Meditation Script

Oftentimes we hear the phrase “stay grounded”. While this phrase does mean to stay connected to your roots from which you’ve emerged, it also means to maintain a deep connection to Mother Earth who we are all a part of. Similar to your own birth mother, we should also be grateful to Mother Earth as […]

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Spiritual Meaning of Mermaids Explained

If you’re an 80s baby like me, then you grew up watching “The Little Mermaid”. If so, then the concept of mermaids has long taken residence in your psyche. In the off chance you haven’t, chances are that you would have heard of them in several other mythological stories and children’s fairy tales. This post […]

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Spiritual Meaning of Wisdom Teeth Explained

If you’ve ever sat on a dentist’s chair to get your wisdom teeth removed, you may disregard the thought that anything spiritual can be associated with this experience. This can be justified, as you were the pain-bearer. However, read further before you think wisdom teeth are not useful to the human mouth with their only […]

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Spiritual Meaning of Color White

When we talk about colors, white is seldom mentioned possibly because many people live under the misconception that white does not fit into the color category. They should not be entirely blamed as most people have grown up learning from kindergarten when the teacher hands over a blank white sheet of paper asking to fill […]

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5 Best Yoga Blankets

Yoga blankets are extremely versatile and can be used for several purposes. You could spread it on your yoga mat for additional comfort or use it as a bolster to support various parts of your body while performing difficult yoga poses such as ‘Savasana’ or the Death pose and ‘Ardha Chakrasana’ or the Half Wheel […]

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Studio vs Home Yoga

Having any sort of regular yoga routine is guaranteed to improve your life. No matter where you practice, at home or in a studio, the physical and mental benefits are the same but of course there are plus and minuses to both. Certainly, there are aspects of each that you can’t find in the other, […]

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