Harry Saatjian

YOgi, spirutal seeker and digital marketer

Hi, my name is Harry. When I started this site in June 2017, I had no idea what I was doing or what it would become. This blog started with me reviewing yoga mats and towels and stuff like that (to make some Amazon commissions tbh haha). I also had sections about Kundalini Yoga (the main type of yoga I practice). After working on it for a couple of months, I quickly grew bored. 


Fast forward to February 2020 and the Google Search Algorithm Gods blessed me with a huge spike of traffic to one of my old posts “Kundalini Yoga Dangers”. I was so stoked that it renewed my interest in updating the site. We all know what happened next… Covid-19!


I began working from home and the lack of commute freed up a lot of time. Combine that with nothing to do for fun and nobody to see due to the pandemic and you could see why I had so much more free time on my hands. I decided to use this time to work on the site. I wrote several other kundalini yoga articles to complement the “Kundalini Yoga Dangers” one. 


At this point, my site started receiving a ton of traffic due to all this new content. I started moving away from general yoga and review-type articles and started moving more towards spiritual and New Age content. 


My new goal is to bring some of the best minds with tons of spiritual, esoteric, new age. occult knowledge, and break it down in a useful and entertaining way. Expect to see some more Authors on this page soon.


I am so stoked you decided to visit my site and even more stoked that you read this about page all the way through! Haha


Wishing you all love, peace, blessing, and abundance!


Sat Nam