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Hi, I’m Harry.

I started practicing yoga in 2012 and it was a game changer for me. It has led to personal growth beyond anything I could have imagined. It has made me become more conscious about what I put into my body and that has had tremendous results. I have accomplished many goals since 2012 and I know that I owe a huge part of the credit to my yoga practice. That is what makes yoga so addictive and a mainstay in my life: it is the catalyst for my personal growth. If I go too long without it, I feel lost!

Why Yogi Weekly?

I started Yogi Weekly because I wanted to create a trusted and authoritative resource that other yogis can count on. I like to research everything I do and yoga is no exception. In my 5+ years practicing, I have come across a lot of questionable information and reviews when looking for yoga info online. 

I wanted to create a place where the information and advice given was backed by science. Also, I wanted to provide reviews that are always unbiased and accurate. If something sucks, I will tell you. The integrity of my blog and my reader’s trust is much more important to me than a couple of bucks I may make as an affiliate commission.



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